The Sweetest Win on a Holiday

Taking a holiday is probably the one thing we all look forward to the most. After months of slaving away in our day jobs we set our sights on those two weeks in the sun as something we have earned. The problem is, holidays aren’t cheap and if we really want to treat ourselves on vacation, then we’re looking at paying for it all the rest of the year. But what if we could combine that break with making a little extra dough?


Wouldn’t it be all the sweeter if the holiday could pay for itself, or even better, if you could come home with some extra cash as well as an enviable suntan? Well, it can be done and it has. By choosing to holiday in Las Vegas more than a few tourists have returned home both bronzed and better off financially than when they left.


And it makes sense, too. Let’s face it, after about day three of lounging by the pool or staring at ancient ruins following a six-hour bus trip, even the most chillaxed of us start to get antsy – we need some excitement. So checking in to Wynn resorts at the north end of the Vegas strip is a smart move. With surprisingly affordable room packages you can also forego any museum visits as the resort is bedecked with amazing modern art and cultural classics. That should leave you free to spend plenty of time in the luxurious gaming rooms on offer. Wynn’s poker room, if that’s your game, is the place to be seen. And while there are $5,000 slot machines, there is also a host of regular slots; this could well be where you make your holiday pay off.


One Crazy Chocolatier


One savvy traveller did just that at Wynn Resorts recently when they played the Willy Wonka slot machine. A throwaway flutter on the hugely popular game based on Roald Dahl’s crazy chocolatier netted that tourist a stunning $375,000.24, more than enough to cover their holiday expenses and keep them swimming in candy for the foreseeable future. When Wonka sang about his ‘world of pure imagination’ that lucky visitor couldn’t have dared to imagine the fortune that awaited him. Instead of returning homeward with a host of tasty treats, he got something even better from the Chocolate Factory; cold, hard cash that must have had him Oompa-loompa-ing all the way to the bank!


So the next time you’re sitting at your desk dreaming of where your next vacation will take you and how much it will cost, try planning a trip that could mean returning a whole lot wealthier instead. Imagine, if all goes well, you may never have to go back to that desk at all! If the Wonka game, or any other of the thousands on offer, goes your way you could be the next Charlie Bucket. Who knows, your airline ticket to a casino resort might also be your golden ticket to a whole new life, how sweet would that be?



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